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Impose Blog v1.0.9 - A WordPress Blog Theme For Bloggers

Impose is an elegant wordpress blog theme designed for bloggers, crafted with user-friendly approach to make your life easier and make blogging more enjoyable experience. With Impose blog theme you can have an elegant good looking blog in just minutes. Impose blog has every feature you need to create your beautiful yet powerful blog.


The fight to keep Team Fortress 2 community alive on the PS3

Team Fortress 2 on PS3 is the only way to play the “classic” version of the team shooter, without the new guns and features that changed the game drastically.”/> Enlarge/Team Fortress 2 on PS3 is the only way to play the “classic” version of the team sho…

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Maze ransomware was behind Pensacola “cyber event,” Florida officials say

Enlarge/ Pensacola was hit by Maze ransomware, which has apparently stolen data before encrypting it in other cases. 1 with 1 posters participating An email sent by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to all Florida county commissioners indicated that…

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Verizon lays off more Yahoo/AOL employees after another drop in revenue

Enlarge/ A monitor seen on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018. 29 with 24 posters participating Verizon this week is laying off another 150 staffers from the Verizon Media division that includes the Yahoo and AOL subsidiaries…

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BMW is finally adding Android Auto to its infotainment system

51 with 36 posters participating Android owners take note: from next summer, you will finally be able to cast your phone to new BMWs. After much lobbying from customers, the Bavarian automaker has revealed that at last it is going to add Android Auto support…

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Can 5G replace everybody’s home broadband?

Enlarge/ Artist’s impression of how fast your house might one day be with 5G mobile broadband. 132 with 83 posters participating When it comes to the possibility of home broadband competition, we want to believe. And in the case of 5G mobile broadband, wire…

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