Marketify v2.10.0 – Marketplace WordPress Theme

WooCommerce 酒店预订/预订市场插件 v1.0
KUPON v1.21 – Group Buying Theme Daily Deals Marketplace
Mayosis v2.8.2 – 数字市场WordPress主题

Marketify v2.11.0 - Marketplace WordPress Theme

You’ve heard of eBay, Amazon, and of course ThemeForest – right? Other than each of them being a huge success, you know what they have in common? They’re all Marketplaces. A Marketplace is a special kind of online store. It’s a site where you bring buyers and sellers together (but you don’t create your own products). Actually, you’re on one right now – as Envato created this marketplace and you’re now looking at a product sold by a different seller.


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