WPLMS v3.0.1 – Learning Management System for WordPress

WPLMS v3.0.1 - Learning Management System for WordPress

WPLMS is a Learning Management System for WordPress . It is not just a WordPress education theme but a complete eLearning suite. It is suitable for Educational Training Centres, Corporate trainings, Coaching centres, Course tutors, College, Academy, University, School and MOOC platform.


The genetic basis of Peruvians’ ability to live at high altitude

Enlarge/ Many Peruvians are well adapted to high-altitude life in the Andes. 15 with 12 posters participating Sherpas are physiologically adapted to breathing, working, and living in the thin air of the Himalayas, enabling them to repeatedly schlep stuff up…

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Ford v Ferrari review: A big-budget, big-screen take on racing in the 1960s

52 with 27 posters participating, including story author Matt Damon (L) as Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale (R) as Ken Miles star in Ford v Ferrari, a new film about Ford’s attempt to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the 1960s. Shelby…

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What the newly released Checkra1n jailbreak means for iDevice security

38 with 27 posters participating It has been a week since the release of Checkra1n, the worlds first jailbreak for devices running Apples iOS 13. Because jailbreaks are so powerful and by definition disable a host of protections built into the OS, many peopl…

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Guidemaster: The best Qi wireless charging pads for your smartphone

162 with 106 posters participating Update: Ars has stayed busy after publishing this guide in April 2019. We’ve tested a number of new Qi wireless chargers available since and have updated our top picks ahead of the 2019 holiday shopping season. Wireless ch…

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Ars To-Be-Read: Five books we’re most excited to read in 2020

N.K. Jemisin returns with her first new novel after her three-year Hugo-winning streak for her Broken Earth trilogy. New York, Jemisin’s hometown, is the setting for The City We Became (out March 24, 2020), but it’s not the New York that we’re familiar with. …

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